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A 9:04am Film

On December 26, 2004, writer/producer/director Heath McKnight and Director of Photography Jon Fordham got together with actresses Marissa Medal (as Amanda), Cristy Joy Slavis (as Christie) and Sarah Elizabeth (as Billie) to make a small film about the three sisters from 9:04 AM. A prequel that happens during the holidays and six months before the events in 9:04 AM, the three sisters are stuck in the home of Amanda's boyfriend's parents during a storm, and must deal with each other and emotional issues. You can view the film here, but you'll need Apple's QuickTime Player.

Shot on Sony's new HDR-FX1, a high definition camcorder that shoots native 1080i, Heath and Jon took full advantage of the camera's high-quality image. The Palm Beach Film School, where Heath and Jon teach, was very gracious in allowing the production to use lights, tripods, boom mics and more to help
complete the film.

Since its debut at the 2005 Palm Beach International Film Festival, along with Release Me during a special lecture on HDV by McKnight and Fordham, 3 Sisters has been in a total of six film festivals. Along with Release Me (view it here), the list includes:

1. 2005 Palm Beach International Film Festival, West Palm Beach, Florida.

2. 2005 Moving Image Event, Palm Beach County Artists' Association, Lake Worth, Florida.

3. 2005 HD Fest South Florida, part of a special HDV lecture by McKnight with a special appearance by Fordham, Boca Raton, Florida.

4. 2005 Miami Short Film Festival, Miami, Florida.

5. 2005 Hollywood DV Festival, Los Angeles, California.

6. The world's first iPod Film Festival (2006), found online.

Full cast:

Marissa Medal: Amanda
Cristy Joy Slavis: Christie
Sarah Elizabeth: Billie

Full crew:

Heath McKnight: Writer/Producer/Director/Editor
Jon Fordham: Director of Photography
Melissa Drotar: Script Supervisor/Continuity
Jennifer Drotar: Assistant/Clapper
Jim York: Executive Producer
Matt Miller: Executive Producer
Damon Serota: Executive Producer/Sound

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Stills from the high definition footage

Click on the images to see larger versions.

Left to right: Jon Fordham (Director of Photography), Jennifer Drotar (Assistant), Melissa Drotar (Script Supervisor), Marissa Medal (Amanda), Sarah Elizabeth (Billie), Cristy Joy Slavis (Christie), Heath McKnight (Writer/Director), Damon Serota (Sound/co-Executive Producer)

Heath McKnight (Director) prepares for another take with Script Supervisor Melissa Drotar

Director Heath McKnight goes over the final scene with actress Cristy Joy Slavis.

Actresses Marissa Medal, Cristy Joy Slavis and Sarah Elizabeth prepare for the scene.

Director of Photography Jon Fordham lines up the shot.

Sarah Elizabeth loves Wil Wheaton's book, Just a Geek

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