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Amanda: Marissa Medal

Marissa Medal returns to the role of Amanda; she was first cast over a year ago, but had to leave the role due to work. Because production was pushed back, she has come back aboard.

Marissa is a gifted an accomplished actress who has done work in film, TV, stage and more. She has worked twice with Sarah Elizabeth Kenny, in THONG, a production of the Palm Beach Film School, and recently as Amanda in the 9:04 AM prequel 3 Sisters , directed by Heath McKnight and shot by Jon Fordham. It has been in six film festivals around the country since April 2005.

Marissa brings a very realistic and quiet intensity to the leading role of Amanda. For more on Marissa, visit her website.

About her character, Amanda: she is in the middle of the three sisters, Christie and Billie, and is a driven woman in her 20s, living out her dream of being a marketing maven for an up-and-coming company that happens to be developing an animated sci-fi show and accompanying toyline. She's been dating her boyfriend Dan Roth for many years, and at the start of 9:04 AM, she and the company (and Dan) have moved back to West Palm Beach, Florida to team up with an up-and-coming marketing agency. Amanda and Dan's move back home sets off many of the events seen in 9:04 AM. She works closely with Justin, and is becoming very good friends with him.

For more, check out Marissa's IMDb page.
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