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Director of Photography: Jon Fordham

Jon Fordham grew up in Orlando and was involved with the film community there before moving to New York in 2002.

A photography major at the Seminole Community College in Orlando, Jon moved onto video and film production through various production companies. There, he learned how to be both creative and practical with the technology of digital cinematography.

Jon works with both the digital (DV, HDV, SD, HD, 24p) and film (16mm, 35mm) mediums, and has won several cinematographer awards, most recently for his work on "Blackwater Elegy", starring Barry Corbin (One Tree Hill, Northern Exposure) and John Cullum (Law & Order: SVU, ER). He is also a Digital Imaging Technician.

Recently, Jon has shot documentaries and shows across the world, nd even had a documentary premiere at the 2006 Tribecca Film Festival. He was also the cinematographer on Heath McKnight's "Release Me" and "3 Sisters", which have been at several film festivals. Before lensing 9:04 AM, he shot A Four Letter Word in New York City for director Casper Andreas.

For more, check out Jon's IMDb page.
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