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Marissa and Theresa

Martini for day 1

Mike and Laura

On set, the Coffee Shop

On the couch

Boris and Heath

Marissa on set

Post-auto shop

Still from the film, 1/2 res


Coffee shop

Jon and Brock

Marissa as Amanda

At the coffee shop, Maria and Laura

DP Jon Fordham

On set at the park, day 1

Suzy and Monique

Mike, Brock and Laura

Maria, Laura and Heath

Heath and Marissa

Maria as Monique

Sarah as Billie Esteban

Brock at the park

Still from film, SD resolution

Maria posing in the park

Suzy as a goth

Laura Arias as Suzy

Sarah as Billie in uniform

On location

3 Sisters and mom

Heath and Jon go over the day's shoot

Grip/boom op Bill Light

Key Grip Psych Stevens

Boris and Marissa

Talia and Marissa

Lance, Heath and Conor

Chris and Sarah at the comic shop

Don and Heath

DP Jon Fordham at the comic shop

Mark, Mike and Marissa

Heath and Marissa

On set, marketing agency

Gaffer Boris Cifuentes

Psych Stevens with Steadicam

Cast and crew of 9:04 AM.

Kathie and Laura

David and Brian on set

David and Marissa

Talia and Crece

On set, Monique's room

The slate.

Laura on set

Heath on set

David on set

Marissa on set, bedroom

The movie is wrapped!

Monique slams poetry

Shooting the poetry slam

DP Jon and Director Heath


Heath editing

Heroic A.D.

Heath stresses

Shooting in the coffee shop

Brock and Marissa

Kathie touches up Marissa

Brock Hill as Phil Court

Heath, Bill and Marissa

Maria de Jesus Castellon as Monique

Sarah and Brock

Mark Shubert as Weaver

Cast and crew before set up, day 1

Theresa and Heath, day 1

9:04 AM

Martini, day 1 (picture 2)


Heath directs Brock, Laura and Mike on day 1

Heath and Laura, day 2 wrap

Laura greenscreen

The IGA Odyssey

No mo' fro!

Most of the G & E for 9:04 AM

P.A. Jennifer Drotar

F/X still, Lance (as Bob Stratner)

Day 3 at the coffee shop

Allergy Shot

Sarah E. Kenny as Billie

The 9:04 AM Poster

The cast onstage

Heath and Jeremy

Heath, Laura, Maria

Mike, Laura, Brock

Kathie and Heath

Brock, Brian, David

Sarah chats with Talia

Outside the office

DP Jon and AD Theresa

Laura, Heath and Grant, after DVD commentary

Theresa and Kathie at the wrap lunch

2nd screening: Cinema Paradiso

Mike and Laura

Maria interviews

Laura prepares to interview

Mike interviews

Laura Arias

Interview crew setting up

The poster before the screening

New set up at the coffee shop.

Marissa on set (b & w)

Mike, Brock and Sarah at the car

Laura and Heath, day 1

Mark Shubert as Weaver

Brock, Mike and Laura at the coffee shop

On the set, Amanda's Mom's house

Chris and Amanda, comic shop

Boris' self portrait

Jon and Heath outside

Laura on set

Talia and Marissa prep for the scene

On set, Kathie's house

Laura and Maria

Kathie touches up make-up

Marissa on set

2009 Delray Beach Film Festival

2009 Delray Beach Film Festival
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