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Welcome to the official homepage of the next MPS Digital Studios independent feature film, 9:04 AM!

This Journal represents the nearly 10 years of determination, passion and more, to get the film made. Over the course of the next year, between 2006 and 2007, the journal will be updated as the film goes from script to pre-production to filming to editing to release and beyond.

The comedy/drama, with a love story at its center, is about the difficulties of life, love, happiness, and the fine line between fantasy and reality, all happening to a group of friends, family, strangers, and a sci-fi convention. As with several other films from MPS Digital Studios, it is a realistic look at life and love in modern times.

The original idea was conceived in late summer 1995, as co-writer/director/producer Heath McKnight was about to enter film school and was working at a movie theatre as a projectionist. He originally wanted to do it as a comic book, and even wrote several pages of script, before having to give up as he entered the film program as a sophomore in college.

By May 1997, after doing the personal Conversations..., Heath decided to write the script for 9:04 AM, then untitled, and did it in three days on an old Apple computer using ClarisWorks (a Word-style program). It didn't take off quite yet, because Heath was able to direct his first feature, Skye Falling, along with several shorts.

9:04 AM officially began production in October 2006; those who joined him are co-writer/associate producer Grant A. Balfour, director of photography Jon Fordham and associate producer Jeremiah Hall, and many more. The film premiered at the 2007 Palm Beach International Film Festival. More screenings will be added soon, so stay tuned to the blog for further details.

The trailer can be viewed here.

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