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Monique: Maria de Jesus Castellon

Maria de Jesus Castellon hails from Miami, but at a young age, her family moved to their native country, Nicaragua. It was there that Maria developed her passion and talent as an actress/singer/model. She has appeared in several documentaries, television commercials, spots and more. She spent most of her time after school taking voice lessons and later performed on the National Theatre of Ruben Dario for solos and choir. Also, she loved to record in professional studios for television and radio jingles, and voiceovers.

At the age of 17, Maria moved back to Florida and has worked to receive a college education in Fine Arts and Graphic Design meanwhile she did acting and modeling on the side. Now she is a full time actress and model and practices Graphic Design on the side. She has appeared in many movies, most recently Anatomia, directed by Steven Jacobs, as Sappho, alongside David Barnes.

She comes aboard as Monique, a gothic narcissist who has control issues. Monique is currently dating Suzy.
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