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Dan: David Barnes

David Barnes joins the cast as Dan. David got his start in Chicago where he was born and raised. His decision to pursue acting came from a career counselor CD-ROM his mother had been pestering him to take for quite some time. The number one occupation recommended by the quiz was theater, so he decided to give it a shot. Within three months David was cast in a commercial for Empire Carpet (well known for their comedic tradition on Chicago TV for almost a half century). It's been a rocky road since then, picking up assorted projects including stage work in "Colored Museum" and "Mr. Charles Currently of Palm Beach".

David decided to leave Chicago and take a stab at the Florida market. Shortly thereafter he was cast as The Hitman in the movie "e.", which was his first leading role in a feature length film. Then as Sinis in the short "Anatomia" by the same writer/director as "e." David will be a very familiar face on the entertainment scene in the near future as a talented new actor.

About his character, Dan Roth: He's a former jock who has stayed in good shape, and is having a crisis about his life, 7 years after his high school football career. He is Amanda's boyfriend and George's best friend.
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